About Sonray Enterprises

Learn more about your Northern Idaho and North-East Washington excavation contractor.

Why "Son"?

When deciding on a name for our business, we wanted to settle on something that was not only memorable, but also meaningful.

Jesus is the Son of God, and we are also children (sons) of God. The word “son” serves as a reminder to always remain in God’s will.

Why "Ray"?

Ray acts as a little play on words. Our last name is "Wray", but we are also called to be rays of light in the world, extending God’s goodness to everyone we meet. That includes our customers and the companies we are privileged to work alongside.

Together, the words “son” and “ray” come together to depict a powerful image that we feel captures our company’s primary mission.

Our Company Goals


Not only do we want to deliver an exceptional product, we also want to be available, cooperative, and helpful during every stage of a project. When we leave a job site, we want to know that our customers are completely satisfied with our work.


Great work and collaboration are built on trust and teamwork. We know that in order to complete projects at the highest level, we need to be able to depend on trustworthy, high-character individuals to complete them. That is why our team is made up of great people.


We are passionate about lending a hand and improving the structures that support people in our community. As a result, you’ll find that we gravitate towards projects that have a positive impact in the lives of people in our greater area.

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